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A waiver of a standard YouTube app in iOS 6 was Google, not Apple

In August 2012, the iPhone and iPad noticed that the YouTube app disappeared from iOS 6 beta 4. The final version of the operating system was also released without a standard client of the popular video sharing.

By and large, nothing brings users to the world did not end, just from the list of applications that were preinstalled on the iPhone and iPad for the first time gone YouTube. Before that for five years, the client broadcasts a regular iOS app.

Recently in a series of tweets from a former YouTube employee by the name of hunter Vok said that the rejection of the application installation on the iPhone was Google, not Apple. According to him, the company decided to “regain control of the application.”

At that time, it was assumed that this decision by Apple. The company began to exclude from their devices services main rival, this fate, as we know, touched the Google Maps service in iOS 6, which replaced its own mapping application Apple Maps.

As told Vok, Apple, she turned to YouTube to offer YouTube are preinstalled on the iPhone. The company agreed, as it was a great opportunity to expand the audience of video sharing. At the moment Apple independently developed, tested and updated YouTube client.

Google did not actually have control over the application. And it strongly disliked the management of the company, which had to coordinate the changes with the Apple developers. In addition, the icon in iOS does not have the YouTube logo. So when I come to the end of the contract, the company decided not to renew the agreement with the iPhone maker.

Despite disagreements with rival Apple continues to use Google as the default search engine on iPhone and iPad, for which he receives from the Internet giant’s $1 billion a year. Google search is installed by default in Safari since the launch of Apple’s mobile platform.

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