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A voice message is super. But only in the Telegram

Paul Gorodnitsky – about the competing technology which makes the messenger a thousand times more useful.

To voice messages impossible to be neutral: they either enjoy or hate. Just a year ago I was a radical hater of Vaisov – I sincerely felt that the negatives outweigh the positives.

Judge for yourself:

1. A text message can be read casually, and for voice need to step back and devote time to him only.

2. There is no search by voice messages. Something you dictated, you lost – and Hello. Will have to listen to a bunch of messages to find the right one.

3. Disgusting level of rhetoric, most of the followers of the voice messages. 30 seconds – 5 of them spent on breaks, 5 – on eeeeeee, 5 – the noises 10 – the words-parasites, 5 – on the essence.

It seemed to me that if you want to communicate and to convey the intonation, you can just call. Therefore, in voice chats, I feel like the Ludwig van Beethoven of the legendary meme.

That all changed once I got into a situation when you were required to give a substantial answer, but the time of typing was not simple. Had to clamp the virtual microphone and mutter, feeling like a complete idiot.

The second time was easier. On the third – generally easy. Then the tightness finally caved – I can appreciate that the voice messages are too convenient and not bad.

However, I have developed a very specific code:

1. Specify if the interlocutor to listen to my voice, or still need to tighten and fill the text with the keyboard. Important questions is much safer to discuss in writing – that’s a fact.

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2. Sorry if I pass on a voice without warning.

3. To control myself not to EKAT and not say anything extra – it’s a shame to cut someone’s life even 30 seconds..

4. Do not record voice in very noisy places. Usually turns out terrible quality – there is no need to torture companion.

5. Don’t listen to other people’s voice through an external speaker if I’m not alone in the room. Only through the earpiece (Yes, you can, if you lean to your ear) or headphones.

In the last 3-4 months I have not a day passes without communicating with someone via voice.

So at times convenient to tell a long story and really cool to convey emotions.

In combination with text messaging voice just gorgeous, but I still do not like chat rooms where talking is strictly voice. It’s a kind of madness a festival of laziness – the local inhabitants, even the word “yeah” is pronounced with the mouth and not nastukivaesh fingers.

Now about the sad.

Normally you can use valsami is possible only in the Telegram. Now let me explain why.

The fact that VK, Facebook and whatsapp absolutely do not care about the user experience.

So, in a Telegram to listen to the voice can be in any state: when opened, the dialog box when you open any other dialogue, when the Telegram is generally minimized, and when the screen is locked. Always. This is a super.

WhatsApp is almost the same, while in other dialogues whatsapp. It’s annoying: it turns out that when you listen to someone’s voice, the entire conversation in WhatsApp freezes.

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But Facebook and “Vkontakte” it is even worse. There will need to be strictly within the application, strictly inside and strictly dialogue-enabled screen.

A complete failure. How can you be so desperate to care on their own interface? How can so blatantly hammer on users who may wish to use voice messages?

When I see the unheard voice is not in the telegram, I frown and maximum delay that moment when I have to sit and humbly listen to someone’s message.

Findings two: a voice message is fine, but it is a pity that 100% of their importance and necessity have been recognized only by Pavel Durov.

The other function implemented purely for show. Shame.

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