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A team of 1000 engineers from Intel working on chip for next generation iPhone

Intel formed a team of thousands or more specialists who are working on the modem 4G/LTE, designed for use in future iPhone models. It is reported by VentureBeat.

At the recent quarterly report conference Intel has admitted that in the smartphone segment the company is most looking forward to the success of their modems that are developed by forces of the former division of Infineon in Germany. Central Intel processors in smartphones do not take root easily, but now it seems to have not worried about the management of the Corporation.

This show of indifference can hide the anticipation of a long collaboration with Apple, which will help Intel not only to provide the partner modems, but to produce integrated processor solution for its production facilities. At least Intel are already developing the 10-nm process technology, and its capabilities in this area may be of interest to Apple.

In current models iPhone used cellular modems Qualcomm. However, the situation may change in 2016 with the emergence of a new generation of Apple smartphone, unofficially called the iPhone 7. According to the publication, Intel has created a strong team of more than 1,000 professionals who are working on the creation of a modem that meets the manufacturer’s requirements. It is reported that the decision of chipmaker will provide the opportunity to work in LTE networks worldwide. The maximum theoretical download speed of information in this case will be not less than 450 Mbit/s.

Company representatives from Cupertino visit German Intel involved in the development of modems for mobile devices. In addition, at least a half dozen people from Infineon work in Apple.

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Not out of the General theory and the recent purchase by Intel of assets VIA Telecom. This developer of CDMA solutions can be useful Intel when you create modems that will be used in smartphones in China. However, in the US, the CDMA technology is also used, so buying units VIA was not in vain for Intel.

Meanwhile, it is argued that the future production of mobile processors Apple A10 will probably attend exclusively to the Taiwanese company TSMC. The A9 chips used in current iPhone models, as manufactured at the facilities of TSMC, and Samsung ventures. However, this information is nothing more than a rumor.

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