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A system of two cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus will allow you to take pictures in ultra-high resolution

Smartphone Apple next generation will be equipped with dual camera, says KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, referring to informed sources. According to him, an innovative solution in the iPhone 7 will improve the quality of shooting and to implement a number of additional effects.

This year, Apple will continue the trend that began after the appearance of the iPhone 6, and also offer two models of smartphones. If iPhone 7 will receive the standard iSight camera, planshetofon iPhone 7 Plus will be available in two versions, one of which will be the same iSight camera, while the second is a special system of two cameras on the rear panel.

According to Kuo, the main camera of the iPhone will be equipped with two optical blocks with different focal lengths. Apple is working on this technology since 2014 and had originally planned to introduce it in the iPhone 6s, but some bottlenecks have forced engineers to postpone this idea.

Dual camera with 12 MP CIS sensor in the iPhone will allow Apple to improve the quality of the shooting and to implement a number of additional effects. In particular, the simultaneous use of two lenses will allow you to create stereoscopic images and to maintain the quality of conventional photographs. The use of the system involves the use of a 3-times zoom without loss of quality.

While recording video, this technology will allow to obtain static pictures of higher quality. Depending on the shooting conditions iPhone 7 Plus will be able to switch to any of the CIS-sensors, or combine the picture with both modules to capture in ultra-high resolution.

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Another option of practical application of the dual-camera system — implementation of the function “picture in picture”. So, in the main window can display the entire scene as a whole, but in additional the particular area. In addition, one optical unit can be used for standard video recording and the other for time lapse shooting.

The technology will be implemented in the new iPhone with the participation of specialists of the Israeli company LinX. Apple purchased the company specializes in technologies for producing high-quality images from the cameras with several lenses. Analysts predicts that the iPhone 7 Plus with two cameras will provide about 25-30% of all deliveries with a 5.5-inch flagships Apple in 2016.

Rumors attributed to the iPhone 7 also support wireless charging and a completely waterproof case. The device will be deprived of the 3.5 mm audio Jack, which is the Lightning interface and will receive an advanced noise cancellation Wolfson Microelectronics.

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