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A Swedish inventor has collected a wooden replica of the Macintosh stuffed with Mac mini [photos]

Modding is an interesting direction of modern geeks working with computers. They change computers, smartphones and other gadgets beyond recognition. For some, modding is just a hobby, for others – a complete means of earning. In any case, it is difficult to pass a project created by professionals, so they are unusual and attractive.

Swedish master named Fishing Holten specializes in creating wooden copies of popular electronic gadgets. His latest work is a replica of the original Macintosh computer released by Apple in 1984. The feature of wooden products is that it uses gold-plated keys and advanced stuffing.

For the manufacture of a computer case, which the inventor called the “Golden Apple”, was used expensive wood species — American walnut. The floppy disk in drive replaced with a DVD drive, and keys are hiding under gold-plated mechanical switches Saggu MX Blue. Completes the image of the wireless mouse from the same wood.

The Golden Apple has a special carrying handle as the original model, and components are installed inside the latest model Mac mini. Because the buyer of the retro device will receive not only a unique product but also a working modern computer.

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