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A source at Foxconn has confirmed the release of all-glass iPhone with an OLED display in 2017

In 2017 Apple will return to the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s and again will make the body of the new smartphone glass. It is reported by industry resource Nikkei Asian Review, citing an informed source of company Foxconn, which assembles Apple devices.

In 2017, the new iPhone will receive a glass case and OLED display. Currently, Foxconn is working on technology for the production of components: the company will have to compete for orders from Samsung and Chinese Biel Crystal and Lens Technology.

In September 2016, is expected to launch the iPhone 7. If we are talking about the future, we can assume that the sources meant 8 iPhone. But it is worth noting that during the transition from iPhone 4 to 4s (as, indeed, in the transition from iPhone 5 to 5s in other cases) the design was not changed. In this case had already been information that the iPhone 7 will have case with glass panels.

The last four generations of iPhones have an aluminum body. Glass is used only in front, to protect the matrix display. However, Apple decided to change the design in the smartphone of 2017 in order to revive sales, said the source. Due to this significant date in 2017, the iPhone will be 10 years old.

It is expected that iPhone 8 Apple will be first to use OLED display. The advantage of these screens is small thickness and low power consumption. Drawbacks – fragility: with time, the color reproduction of AMOLED displays is getting worse.

Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff PU believes that the decision to change the design will ensure significant growth in the popularity of the iPhone. The new device will be more attractive and therefore be able to improve sales.

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