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A source at Apple has described the features Force Touch technology in the iPhone 6s

It’s no secret that the main feature of iPhone 6s will be supporting proprietary technology Apple Force Touch. Rumors that the company intends to use in its smartphones which are sensitive to velocity displays, go for a long time. According to 9to5Mac, a source in the company confirmed this information, having told about ways to use technology in iOS 9.

Unlike smart watches Apple Watch, smartphones have no shortage of free space on the screen, as a consequence, the use of a strong depression in the iPhone 6s will be different. Force Touch for mobile devices is the code name for the Orb. It is designed to save users from unnecessary clicks on virtual buttons.

Initially, the technology will get standard apps iOS 9: Weather, Maps, Safari, Calendar. In the future, Apple will open up APIs to developers, so in the future for many third-party applications the display with Force Touch will not be strangers.

Specialists in iPhone, the company decided to simplify the user interaction with the device, reducing wasteful activities. The Apple employee on condition of anonymity, described several embodiments of the technology use in standard applications iPhone 6s:

  • Strong pressed while selecting the desired point on the map in Apple Maps will allow you to quickly create a route to the destination and run step by step navigation. First, to build the route, the program had to go to the options menu.
  • In the Apple Music app press on the screen with force will cause the list of the most frequently used actions, such as adding a song to a playlist, or save the track to listen to in offline mode.
  • Another feature Force Touch – navigate to the desired section of the application for the strong press on the icon from the home screen. For example, to program the Telephone you can open a Recent or an Answering machine, and Apple news aggregator News – immediately go to the page with selected materials.
  • In mobile Safari, the function will bring you a preview of the web pages when clicking on links, and pressing with force on the address to see its location on a map. Similarly, you can display the contact card, start the search text, or to receive a translation of unfamiliar words.
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On iPhone feature Force Touch will work one of three ways: without a user interface, as in the new MacBook, using the user interface around your finger will appear the indication of the gesture or the start of a standard for iOS list of options that POPs up at the bottom of the screen. The source calls the use of technology on the iPhone “very natural” and “comfortable”.

Display with Force Touch will receive not only the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. According to rumors, in recent times, Apple is also working on the function of shooting 4K videos in their smartphones, but it is yet unknown whether it will be available in the final version of the iPhone 6s.

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