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A smart watch from Fitbit will be closer to the end of the year

Executive Director of Fitbit James Park (James Park) confirmed that towards the end of the year the company will introduce the first full-fledged smart watch.

During the announcement of the quarterly report Park said:

“Our “smart” watches, which we hope will provide users with the best opportunities for health tracking and fitness, should appear closer to the festive period (Christmas and new year — ed.)”.

According to Park, creating a smart watch, Fitbit does not aim to replicate the Apple Watch. However, the product can be “smart” hours from Apple a worthy competition. The head of the company didn’t go into the details of the upcoming release, but existing rumors we know that the gadget from Fitbit get waterproof case GPS tracker, a heart rate monitor and other sensors that are already familiar-filling devices of this type.

According to unconfirmed reports, Fitbit talks with representatives of Spotify and Pandora, trying to arrange the possibility to incorporate into watch at least one of the music streaming services.

The decision to create a Fitbit smart watch driven by a slowdown in sales of fitness trackers. Over the past three months, the company sold 2 million less gadgets than the same period last year. Such a reduction in sales of the manufacturer brought a loss in the amount of £58.2 million (more than us $76 million).

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