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A simple way to restore the App Store on iPhone and iPad

We are all very, very frustrating when the App Store begins long load times, freezes or shows a blank screen instead of the app list. This not only creates discomfort in the work, but takes extra time. Today we will tell you how fast to restore the online Apple store.

Described below is a method known from the previous versions of iOS, however, not many people use it in practice. App Store – this is essentially a browser for applications with five tabs – Featured, Top charts, Browse, Search and Updates. The main thing missing in this browser – click “Update”. Fortunately, Apple has provided such an opportunity, though, and implemented it in Android style.

In order to update the content in the window App Store, you need 10 times in a row click on the bottom panel. This will force a restart of the selected section of the store, and all information in it will be loaded again.

Trick makes it easy to troubleshoot problems with loading the descriptions on the pages applications, charts, ratings, and installation and upgrade in the App Store. This method works on all Apple devices, including iPad and iPod touch, and click on any section of the catalog.

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