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A simple way to organize icons on iPhone home screen allows you to instantly find any app

For the iOS platform developed by hundreds of thousands of great apps that make our smartphones is unique. However, installing one by one applications from the App Store, we risk to transform your home screen in iPhone jumble of icons and folders. Finding the right app in this chaos with Spotlight is great but not the only convenient way.

Home screen can say a lot about the iPhone owner. Typically, users travel on the first screen of the most frequently used applications. The rest of the program is meticulously organized into folders to reduce the number of screens or just remain in their seats, which they occupied after the download from the store.

A Reddit user under the nickname Lembacher offered a way to organize icons on the desktop, iPhone, thanks to which to find the necessary applications takes the least time.

As you can see by the screenshots, he’s completely abandoned folders and distributed all the shortcuts by color. The fact is that we don’t always know the location of the desired label, but definitely remember how he looks. Thus, when you flick the screen to the desired application can be found in just a single moment.

What do you think about this sort of icons? Decide to try is the location of the software on my device?

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