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A simple way to know if the iPhone is not stolen

Everyone at least once faced with the loss or theft of a smartphone. If not himself, then certainly heard about this problem from other users. Every day committed hundreds of thefts of mobile devices, which then go to parts, or on the secondary market. Now that Apple has blocked the work site to determine the activation lock iPhone, users have to look for alternatives. In the United States has launched an official service that allows you to check whether a stolen smartphone.

The service is called Stolen Phone Checker. The user needs to go to the site and specify unique codes that are assigned to each gadget’s IMEI, MEID and ESN. This service only works in USA, so you can check the iPhone purchased in the States.

In order to verify the iPhone IMEI, you need to know its serial number. For this you can connect the gadget to iTunes or go to settings. Check the serial number you can also dial *#06# and call button. For a few seconds on the screen of the smartphone will receive a message with the required information.

In case of theft iPhone owner makes a formal statement of loss and puts your IMEI in black list. In the United States and Europe, stolen phones even if the SIM card will not work in any networks in these countries.

Stolenphonechecker is not the first such site, but one of the most useful. In Russia, you can use a free service SNDeepInfo that allows you to get complete information about iPhone by IMEI.

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