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A service of change of operator with preservation of the rooms have already benefited 5 million Russians

Service MNP or mobile number portability (MNP) in Russia at the beginning of February have used 5 million times. This is stated stated in the message of Rossvyaz.

As previously reported by the Ministry of communications before March 30, 2016 the average Russian monthly transferred approximately 110,000 rooms, whereas in the period from April to early August last year, this figure is a monthly average was about 200,000 transfers.

According to statistics, subordinated to Rossvyaz FSUE ZNIIS (the operator of the database of ported numbers) in 2016 in an average month consistently transferred about 200,000 rooms. Thus, the rate of transfer of numbers in the last six months has been preserved.

According to preliminary data of research company “TMT Consulting”, at the end of 2016 the number of subscribers (active SIM cards) in the Russian networks of cellular communication has reached 259 million (an increase by 2015 to 3%). Thus, if we assume that one subscriber made a single transfer, the MNP service was used by around 2% of subscribers.

The service of number portability in mobile networks was introduced in Russia from 1 December 2013. The communications Ministry initially predicted that each year they will use the service about 3 million subscribers. However, the first million users of the service was reached in February of 2015.

MNP gives subscribers the right to keep number when switching to another operator (the recipient) within the same subject of Russia. For this subscriber, it is sufficient to write a transition statement to the recipient, which shall include the number in your numbering resource. In turn, the donor-operator from which the subscriber takes, is obliged to ensure the transfer of numbers. Change of operator for subscribers-individuals must occur 8 days after the submission of the application, and for legal entities of 29 days.

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Currently the leaders in the number of ported subscriber numbers are and (26,11% of the total number of ported numbers), Saint-Petersburg and region (6,64%), Sverdlovsk region (4,48%), Samara oblast (4,70%), Tatarstan (3,43%) and the Nizhny Novgorod oblast (3,37%).

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