A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

The new iPhone 11 has been on sale for several weeks now, and we are continuing a series of articles on this device. This time I want to talk about accessories for the iPhone 11, we offer a selection of useful things for all occasions.

We protect the phone


Immediately after buying a phone, it is better to put on protective armor. The glass case is all so elegant and beautiful, but one accidental fall on the asphalt is enough and … I don’t even want to think about the price of repairing the iPhone 11 — you need to prepare about 15 thousand rubles to replace the screen. Replacing the rear glass panel will cost a little cheaper.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11In the photo for example, the case for the iPhone XS, because for the iPhone 11 we have not yet reached)

What color to choose a cover for the iPhone 11 is up to you, there are many options: from classics like black and white to more original colors. One of the most popular options remains a silicone case with microfiber lining. We get additional protection against moisture and dust, and the camera lenses are slightly recessed in the case. At the same time, it is simpler and more convenient to hold the phone: it does not slip in the hand, and if necessary, the cover is easily cleaned.

By the way, covers are 3D and 4D, in the latter case we are talking about protecting the Lightning connector on the bottom.

I need such a cover!


We attach a protective 3D glass to the screen. The slightly curved edges of the glass repeat the shape of the display, and in the event of a fall, it takes a hit. Changing the glass for the iPhone 11 is always easier than the screen, you know. At the same time, the oleophobic coating can be easily returned in the same simple way: the glass was wiped, removed, glued a new one, we again enjoy the pleasant sensations.

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A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

There is a nuance: the glass should be “case friendly” – in other words, the sides of the cover should not squeeze the pasted tempered glass.

Another important point is the technology for fixing the protective glass. The so-called "full glue" allows you to fix the entire surface of the glass, increasing the sensitivity of the screen. At the same time, such glass holds better on the screen of a smartphone, unlike glasses, where a layer of glue passes only along the frame.

I want to protect the iPhone!

For long work

With indicators of the operating time of the iPhone 11, everything is in order, but there are situations when you can’t last long on one charge. For example, during photo or video shooting, when the battery quickly runs out. Then Power Bank comes to the rescue. Below are a couple of interesting options.

10DQi Pro

An external battery of 10,000 mAh, it is convenient to take it with you, it is compact. At the same time, it supports 18-W fast charging for input and output through two connectors: it has USB-A and USB Type-C. And the battery comes with an entire docking station with a platform for wireless charging, where you can put iPhone 11 or AirPods in a case, and put Power Bank itself next to charge after a hard day.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

The docking station has an additional USB output – we connect the charging from Apple Watch to it, thus we get two wireless charges, and at the same time we charge Power Bank and the clock. The kit already includes a 36 W power adapter – you do not need to purchase it.

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I want a battery!


If a docking station is not required, you can look at another battery. The model is interesting with a decent capacity of 12,000 mAh and moderate size. Still, most analogues have a capacity of 10,000 mAh, we get an additional 20%.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

In addition, there is support for wireless charging, as well as two USB-A ports, one USB Type-C and a second input for charging Power Bank – this is Lightning, and it’s convenient: the battery itself is charged with a cable from the iPhone. The external battery supports 18-watt fast charging of the iPhone through a Type-C cable on Lightning. One battery for all occasions, as they say.

Give me a dock!

I want some

INTERSTEP Touch Car Holder with Wireless Charging

It's time to clean up the car and remove the excess wires. To do this, I advise the phone holder with built-in wireless charging and an optical sensor.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

The bottom line is that when you bring the iPhone 11 to the device, the holder automatically opens – this is such a simple triumph of technology. Wireless charging produces from 5 to 10 watts, it all depends on the device used. Do not forget: the holder must also be powered by a “fast” auto-charge.

I need a holder in the car!

Wireless Storage for iPhone and Apple Watch, QI12W

On a wireless pancake charge, you can charge your iPhone 11 or any other device that supports Qi charging.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

In addition, there is a small surprise: the Apple Watch charging stand extends to the side. Thus, the iPhone and the watch are simultaneously charged, simply and conveniently.

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I also want wireless charging on the table.

If you have a MacBook Air / Pro besides the iPhone …

As you know, laptops require more powerful charging: for example, the MacBook Air comes with a 29 W power adapter, and the MacBook Pro 15 ″ comes with a 87-W adapter.

To charge quickly both the iPhone and even the MacBook Pro 15 ″, INTERSTEP launches a new product – ultra-fast Power Bank 26U100. Characteristics are impressive: the declared capacity of 26,800 mAh (96.5 Wh). This is the allowed capacity for hand luggage on the plane and the fastest charge in the Power Bank line is 87 W via Type-C. And that's not all: it delivers 15 watts through two USB-A ports. In total, it turns out 102 watts.

A selection of major accessories for the iPhone 11

The battery itself is charged from the adapter with support for Power Delivery via USB Type-C at 60 watts in 2.5 hours. And this with such an impressive capacity. Ideal for traveling with your family or working on a MacBook.

Wrap the king-battery!

Also at INTERSTEP you can find everything for the Apple Watch: genuine leather straps and the Milan loop, tempered glass for watches, bumpers on the iPhone and various cases on AirPods, as well as battery cases on the iPhone.

Material prepared with the support of INTERSTEP.

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