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A scientist from New Zealand has written an article on nuclear physics using the predictive typing on the iPhone

Professor Christopher Bartneck from New Zealand was sent on a scientific conference on nuclear physics work was fully generated by Siri. Despite the fact that the scientist, in his words, nothing about this field, the article was approved, and he was invited to speak at the conference.

We are talking about a keyboard extension to Siri, which first appeared in iOS 8. During typing keyboard assistant suggests the continuation of the phrase on the basis of previous conversations and writing style of the user. Moreover, the function takes into account that the Messages the user probably uses a conversational style, and in the emails is more formal. The best option for the next word, you can choose “one touch”.

“I began a sentence with the words “nuclear” or “atomic” and then chose one of the automatically suggested options. This text is actually completely senseless”, – quotes “Interfax” of a word Bartnica. As examples, he cited the phrase “the best atoms of the universe will have the same rights as you” and “nuclear energy is not the best place for a good time”.

Bartnik working in the laboratory, which studies the technology of interaction between man and artificial intelligence. By his own admission, an article on nuclear physics he wrote for fun. Not thinking that someone might take it seriously, he sent his work to a Commission of the international conference on nuclear physics to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, in mid-November. After some time Bartneck got the answer: invite him to register to participate in the event.

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The conference organizers from any comments have refused.

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