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A safety cable will not allow you to lose wireless headphones AirPods

Immediately after the announcement of the iPhone 7 in the Network began to appear joke that the waterproof smartphone case will easily outlast your tears for the loss of AirPods wireless headphones.

Indeed, one of the main drawbacks of any wireless earbuds is the lack of reliable mechanical connection with the person. Even if not to take into account the acrobatics or contact martial arts, Jogging and other sports threaten the safety accessory – Apple AirPods can just fall out of the ear in the situation, when to ensure their safety in the future points will be difficult.

Manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices AKIBA PC Hotline has developed an accessory that almost deprives Apple AirPods their main features, but can attract the attention of a large audience. Novelty connects the two earphone single wire, with the result that they can freely be on your neck or in your bag/pocket. And if they lost, then immediately together. For reliable fixation in the ear provides special clips.

The color of the mount you can choose between black and white, the design looks not very elegant, but instills a sense of confidence in the safety of AirPods. AirPods at a price of 11 990 rubles, 1000 rubles extra for the novelty of AKIBA PC Hotline not seem a huge amount.

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