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A Russian programmer has created an app to bypass “dead” roads

A Russian programmer has developed an application that determines the most damaged areas of the road network and paving for the driver a safe route. To use the service is available for smartphones running iOS and Android.

A resident of Omsk Vladimir Barsukov — programmer with experience, but for the development of special application for search of safe routes took recently when I realized that the condition of roads is of concern to all without exception of Russians, according to Life. Influenced by personal experience — expensive car repairs.

Vladimir described the principle of operation Omskroad. According to him, nearly any smartphone has the necessary parameters in order to create a unique route for its owner.

“The program registers only four values: this is the current position in latitude and longitude, sensors axis X, Z, and W. Then it takes a second program which processes data and takes into account the braking, acceleration, passing various distances. In the future you will develop something like the Navigator that leads us on safer roads, – says the programmer.

The app is already available for iOS and Android, but while in the closed mode. At the moment there is a process of testing.

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