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A Russian court first blocked torrent tracker on-demand software producer

The Moscow city court decided on blocking the torrent tracker based on the request of the company “1C”, “Vedomosti” with reference to the decision of the court. Thus anti-piracy law for the first time used BY manufacturer.

Security measures taken to protect the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer of the program “1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing enterprise management” and “1C: trade Management 8”, a torrent which is posted on this site.

According to statistics from the tracker distribution of the programme was posted on the tracker February 9, 2015 and has since been downloaded 25 times. According to a source in 1C, the recommended price of delivery this program is 186 000 rbl., thus extending free 25 copies could deprive 1C 4.65 million rubles possible revenue. And possibly more: 1C takes the money for the purchase of additional licenses.

Judging by the content his administration is preparing to lock in Russia. Last week in the news section of the site was posted a detailed story about how this lock bypass, with links to articles of the Constitution (of the mystery) and a Declaration of human rights (on freedom of information distribution). Shortly after the owner, who decided to take advantage of the new law, the site will be blocked, the authors write. The operation of the website will not be affected, but for users with Russian IP address of the access will be closed.

Anti-piracy law, which gives the owners the ability to achieve operational block sites with pirated content, started working last year, and since may 1 of this year it was extended to the software and other types of content (other than photos). Now the owner of rights to such intellectual property may apply to the court for interim measures – the site is blocked for 15 days; during this time he must either settle the matter with the administration of the site, or file a lawsuit against it.

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Earlier the Moscow city court issued anti-piracy solutions on the claims of the publishing house “Eksmo”, music publishers universal music and Sony music entertainment, TV channel “Rain”, etc. In June Roskomnadzor has blocked access to electronic library “flibusta sites”, whose owners did not remove the books on the application of “Eksmo”. Other sites, in particular and removed questionable content after the decision of Moscow city court.

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