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A resident of Moscow found your stolen car using the “Find my iPhone”

Your car was stolen? It’s a terrible situation that every motorist fears. Unfortunately, the majority of stolen vehicles not returned to their owners. In particular, according to statistics of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, only 2-3% of stolen cars as a result quickly-search actions back to its owner.

However, the chance to return the stolen car did everything there. A resident of Moscow found his car stolen by unknown from the Parking lot, through the service “Find my iPhone”. He managed to find a car due to forgotten in the glove compartment iPhone.

According to police, the Muscovite withdrew from his Toyota Camry for a few hours. After returning from the event, he noticed that his parked car is no longer in the same place. Remembering the forgotten in the cabin iPhone, Muscovite friend and started looking for the location of the mobile device using the “Find my iPhone” on the iPad. Arriving at the indicated place, 28-year-old resident of the capital found his Toyota, but, unfortunately, the car has managed to get into an accident.

The man called the police and told law enforcement officers all the details of detective sources. In the opinion of the owner, the car was able to steal one of his colleagues, who was also at the event together with the owner of the car.

Currently under investigation.

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