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A professional photographer told me why he uses the iPhone 7 Plus is SLR camera

The smartphone is the easiest tool in order to capture the events and emotions. Dual 12-megapixel camera is one of the strengths of the flagship smartphone the iPhone 7 Plus. Sports photographer brad Mangin, I am sure that professional photography is not necessary to use bulky equipment and SLR camera. At the time, he abandoned the DSLR in favor of the iPhone and now, according to him, he earns more on shooting with a smartphone than on an SLR camera.

A professional photographer told me that now takes and processes photos solely using the iPhone. His pictures are distinguished by the fact that even after treatment they look natural. Several mobile apps-photo editor and frame can be sent to the editor.

“In 2016, I took quite an extraordinary decision for the freelance photographer. On December 27 I was at Montara beach, California, was shooting a volleyball match for USA Volleyball magazine. What was unusual? I shot the entire game on the iPhone 7 Plus,” says Mangin.

Technology cameras of modern mobile phones discreetly crossed the border quality. Previously, with one glance you can understand that this photo was taken with a phone. Polurazmytaya image, dark room with a white square window, strong graininess a photo of the evening. Now everything has changed.

Mobile photography began to be taken seriously in 2012, when the cover of Time magazine graced the iphoneography shot by Ben Lowy. A year later, the photographer Nick Laham made iPhone a series of images of famous baseball players. One of the images got on the front page of The New York Times. Famous photographers and reports, also began to make many shots on the phone. So mobile photography has gone from hobby selfies and food shots to earn the opportunity to seriously and open themselves creatively, says brad Mangin.

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“My iPhone is not a toy or a passing fad. Is a tool that allows me to create beautiful pictures that I can for a few seconds to send from different events around the world. the iPhone also allows me to “go backstage” to show the fans those moments from the lives of athletes, which are usually hidden from eyes of ordinary people. Since I’m not loaded with cumbersome equipment the players on the Golf course, Cuddy and all the people around them behave very naturally because I think that I just shoot on the iPhone”.

iPhone can be useful not only in photojournalism but for creative shooting. The alignment of colors and light, giving volume to objects, exception, or giving richness to the colours – all these allow the mobile application. Mangin highlighted dual the iPhone camera, which can be used to take photos with a bokeh effect.

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