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A power outage in Taiwan cost the builders iPhone almost a million dollars

Three partners with Apple, creating accessories for iPhone, for a few hours stopped working due to large-scale outages in Taiwan.

One of the partners Apple company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering — reported that losses from business interruption are estimated at $500 thousand — $800 thousand is engaged in Advanced Semiconductor manufacturing and testing of chips for Touch ID. According to the representative of the collector, despite the production, the effects of the outage are still being felt today.

Two other companies PowerTech Technology and ChipMOS Technologies are working to create memory chips for the iPhone.

Despite the fact that companies now have to catch up with the right production, they argue that the rate of Assembly of the new iPhone is not affected.

On Tuesday, August 15, due to operating personnel errors, a Taiwanese oil company CPC for two minutes stopped the gas supply to the generators Datang, which brought them out of Commission for several hours. The TPP is the largest in Taiwan and supplies electricity to two thirds of the island’s population and industrial areas. As a result of the failure of generators without light there are a number of plants and more than 6.8 million homes.

This outage is the biggest in Taiwan since the major earthquake in 1999.

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