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A photo from one of the most secret in the world of factories producing the iPhone

Huge factory Pegatron located on the outskirts of Shanghai and employs tens of thousands of Chinese citizens. By 9 a.m. they are all dressed in factory uniform and ready to assemble iPhone. A photo from one of the most secret in the world of factories producing Apple gadgets published edition of Bloomberg.

Every morning the employees of Pegatron begin with, intently peering into the display of the scanner, identifying their identity. Procedure is necessary not only for accounting staff, but also to ensure that employees are not overworked overtime. Apple after complaints oversight bodies imposed strict measures of working time. Western journalists for the first time were admitted to the factory for the purpose of increasing the openness of the company.

Pegatron is an important part of the chain for the production of iPhone. In total the company employs 50 000 people. CEO John Chew conducted a tour of the huge complex located on the area of 90 football fields. Before you get to the closed section of the enterprise, must go through a metal detector: in this way as companies struggle with possible leaks.

In the centre of the industrial complex are also police station and fire station. The enterprise travels buses. On the premises there is a huge cafeteria and even the Park area and pond.

The factory’s management demonstrates commitment to meeting workflow, improve productivity and working conditions. As a bonus, staff were offered bonuses to wages, modern recreational areas, and other motivators.

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