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A paid subscription MTS “vparivayut” via mobile search

When using the mobile Internet on smartphone users at risk to apply for a paid subscription from the operator. About it reports the edition Roem, which results in the user’s history of Facebook Arsen of Israpilov.

As told Israpilov, the scheme works as follows. When searching through the mobile network, the browser opens not the desired link in the search results, and a special page on the Internet that offers you a subscription. Small print at the bottom specify its value. When you click from a mobile account automatically withdraw a certain amount, and the subscriber begins to provide value-added service.

According to the author of the post, he wasn’t going to write about this until I discovered my wife’s two subscriptions for 20 rubles/day exactly the same scenario.

  • You are on your mobile browser enter something in the search. You are given the results in Google.
  • As usual, click the first link and voila, look where I redirects my nice browser. Carefully read the fine print below.
  • When clicking with my mobile account immediately withdraw all of the money and I become the happy owner of a magnificent subscription.
  • Back to search results again and click on the same link and lo and behold, everything opens correctly, the same website.
  • MTS representatives have promised to look into the situation. “If this is a systemic case of fraud or unconsciously subscriptions – we will correct the situation”, – said Dmitry Solodovnikov.

    As the newspaper notes, the issue of paid subscriptions is not new. In November last year in a similar situation complained the Director of communication Group Georgy Lobushkin: then the subscription connected to his grandmother, who obviously had not used the Internet and didn’t require subscriptions. The operator was “Beeline”.

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