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A new revolution from Apple that nobody noticed

From time to time a major company released to the market advanced technologies without excessive pathos and bustle. Such behavior is particularly characteristic of Google. You can half a lifetime to use the services of this company and then find on their list something completely new. But as it turns out, Apple also has to offer revolutionary technology without involving him special attention.

Not long ago, Apple has built voice assistant Siri in Apple TV. This greatly expanded the capabilities of conventional TV, but far from that offer the device Amazon Echo Alexa or Google. At iGate said, Apple is working on a direct competitor for these popular smart speakers. This product will include an optical face recognition system users and will become much more perfect.

When Apple released its advanced system, it will have to break into the already divided market. For now, many users are buying smart light bulbs, smart thermostats and other devices for smart homes, compatible with products like the Alexa. And it is unlikely they will change all of these devices just for the sake of more advanced assistant.

Many experts have the impression that Apple simply late. But not so simple. The company has in the sleeve of one important bargaining chip – a revolutionary technology that no one paid proper attention. In September, when Apple introduced wireless headphones AirPods, she casually mentioned about a new chip W1. All immediately rushed to discuss the new headphones, but about chip forgot. Meanwhile, the microprocessor, designed to improve the quality of sound transmitted via Bluetooth, can turn on its head the whole market of smart devices.

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What is chip W1

In simple terms, the chip W1 is able to make the Bluetooth standard is much more convenient and perfect than it is now. Now this chip is equipped with AirPods wireless headphones and Beats Solo3.

Of course, many of the standards and AirPods, and Beats Solo3, and other headset with W1 — just another wireless Bluetooth headphones. They can work with Android, Windows PC, or Blackberry — in short, any gadget able to connect via Bluetooth.

That’s just real magic begins when chip W1 is paired with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. You simply turn on the headset and click “Connect” on the iPhone. Since then, the device is automatically associated with all the gadgets linked to your iCloud account. Switching between the iPhone, for example, the Mac is one click. The headset is not equipped with a chip W1 is not able to.

Another advantage of chip W1 – increased Bluetooth range. The sound quality does not fall at a sufficiently large distance from the iPhone. Also W1 is able to optimize the energy consumption. This allows to significantly save the battery.

It is expected that in 2017 the market will see many models of headphones equipped with a chip W1.

On the verge of revolution

You may ask: what is revolutionary? The revolution lies in the fact that the W1 chip has demonstrated a completely new way to work with Bluetooth. Apple took existing technology and turned it upside the head. Now imagine that W1 will be used not only in the headphones.

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Now, the main method of communication of smart devices to each other is Wi-Fi. You control your smart home via the Internet. All your devices connected to the network, and that opens up additional vulnerabilities. Of course, using a Bluetooth connection does not guarantee absolute security, but still hack gadgets that are related by such a standard will be more difficult.

More importantly, Bluetooth in combination with chip W1 becomes really convenient. This technology is able to change the appearance of the modern smart home and out of the market, competitors like Amazon Echo Alexa or Google. Will it have the Apple that we probably know very soon.

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