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A new feature of the iPhone will help to deal with talking while driving

American insurance company found that 37% of drivers are now using the phone while driving. In their view, the regime “do not disturb while driving” can improve the statistics, reports Business Insider.

The insurance company Everdrive analyzed data collected using the free app to enhance road safety. It turned out that the average residents of the United States talking on the phone 11% of the time that they spend behind the wheel. That is, for each half-hour trip to have at least one conversation, lasting just over three minutes.

37% of American drivers somehow distracted on the phone while driving. The company’s experts believe that the introduction of a “do not disturb while driving” will help to reduce that number by at least eight percent.

The principle of operation is fairly simple. The user activates and uses the smartphone as usual. As soon as the gadget realizes he is in a moving vehicle, it disables all notifications and incoming calls sends messages with the specified text. At the end of the trip device again starts to work normally.

In Everdrive believe that major smartphone makers, especially Apple should provide the option to choose this mode.

The introduction of these features will help to significantly reduce the percentage of road accidents.

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