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A new application of Russian developers makes any person in the photo smiling

Ex-employee of “Yandex” Yaroslav Goncharov has released an app for iOS that lets you add a smile to the person in the picture. The program is called FaceApp and is available for download free.

As a notorious program Meitu, to develop a Wireless Lab will recognize the photographs of people’s faces and then allows you to impose on them one of the selected filters. The application is able to rejuvenate or age of the subject, to change his sex and make “more attractive”.

FaceApp uses a neural network and all processing is performed remotely. As told by Goncharov, program for some time stores images, then deletes them.

FaceApp could not replace, if the application is not skillfully deftly adding smiles in the photo. Development is not simply inserts into the open mouth, but often almost flawlessly enters it in the frame. Processed people the image starts to smile and eyes.

The Verge tested the FaceApp and they managed to add a natural smile to US President Donald Trump, but the processing of faces Wesley snipes failed.

In creating the FaceApp in addition to Yaroslav Goncharov took part a team of four people. They plan to release a version of the Android app, and add new filters.

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