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A new app for the Apple iPad allows you to remotely control other tablets

Specifically for the iPad, Apple has developed a new app called “Class”. According to the developers, the program can turn your tablet into a highly efficient assistant teacher, helping the teacher to guide students during the lesson, monitor their progress and to ensure the correct execution of their learning tasks.


Using the “Class” you can run the same program on each device at the same time or run different programs for groups separately. “Class” helps teachers to focus on teaching the students so that students could concentrate on their studies.

The ability to assign a Shared iPad:

  • Upon completion of the configuration “Class” connects to nearby devices students.
  • The program “Class” clever iPad General shall designate those students who used these devices last.
  • Withdraw students from the system on a Shared iPad at the end of each session to prepare for the next lesson.

The ability to start, pause or focus on the work of students:

  • Launch any program, website or book on the student devices with a single touch.
  • Block device to use only one program to help students focus on academic material.
  • Lock screens, to suspend the work or focus on another subject lesson.

The possibility of using “screen” to see what the students see on their screens:

  • Have an overview of all student screens simultaneously.
  • Focus on one student’s screen.
  • Students are notified when the teacher begins to look at the screens of their devices.

The opportunity to show work of students on the Apple TV in the classroom:

  • The opportunity to demonstrate to the class the wonderful work the students created them in the classroom.
  • Use AirPlay wireless screen sharing student.
  • Students receive notification when their screens of their devices are shown.
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Ability to reset forgotten passwords directly in the classroom:

  • Reset passwords Managed Apple ID without needing to contact the it Department.

The ability to organize students ‘ devices by groups:

  • “Class” automatically creates a group of students on the basis of their programs.
  • Teachers can create groups to split students into teams for the projects.
  • Follow the steps for all groups or individual pupils in groups.

The application Class is suitable for student devices in “one on One” and “Shared iPad”. All actions are performed only via Wi-Fi network.

Download Class on any iPad models running iOS 9.3 and above.

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