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A million-dollar idea: a review of AirPods headphones in the color “onyx black” [video]

The company ColorWare painted technique Apple in all colors of the rainbow 12 years ago. Now she offered wishing of 58 different shades for AirPods wireless headphones, including the popular “black onyx”.

Each earphone can be painted with your color to give them uniqueness. Paint even charging the case. Video blogger Johnathan Morrison ordered option AirPods in the color Jet Black and his impressions from working ColorWare.

Gadget had to wait more than two weeks. The headphones came in a standard package Apple, but in a brand new glossy design. The painting quality is not satisfactory. “Not knowing that Apple has no such model, you’ll never distinguish them from the factory AirPods,” says Morrison.

Pleased with the attention to detail. Despite the fact that painting is a manual process, the shell is stamped the letter “L” and “R”. There were some doubts about the operability of the proximity sensors after the procedure. But this, as you can see, no problems.

AirPods original price is $159. If you get a version in the color “onyx black” or any other of the 58 shades will have to pay $290. That is the cost of painting the headset is $130, for an extra $30 you can paint the cover-battery headphone.

For a set of colored headphones and case manufacturer requests almost $320. The idea is cool, but still expensive. This is more than double the price of standard headphones from Apple. The waiting time will be about six weeks.

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