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A list of jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 8.4

Recently a hacker group TaiG released a jailbreak for iOS 8.3, and, if to follow the same pace, hacking iOS 8.4’d expect only in a couple of weeks or even months. This time, however, TaiG worked more quickly and released literally a few hours after appearing in open access iOS 8.4.

The output of the TaiG 2.2 has become the biggest event of recent times along with the launch of Apple Music. Everyone had the opportunity to use their gadgets software development is prohibited on stock devices. Early exit jailbreaking is that Apple decided not to fix vulnerabilities that hackers used to hack the previous versions of the software platform.

Be that as it may, the use of fresh TaiG does not mean the opportunity to enjoy all the possibilities of jailbreaking. The fact that some tweaks are not working in the iOS environment 8.4. Since the release of TaiG in less than a day and the developers have not had time to update their software for compatibility with the current firmware.

In the Network published a document that promptly reflects the situation with the jailbreak developments in Cydia. At the moment the list includes hundreds of tweaks that you can install on a jailbroken iPhone and iPad. Among the add-ons not yet compatible with iOS 8.4 – Auxo 3, Flex 2, PowerBanners and Remote Messages (iOS 8).

According to this document, a large number of tweaks in Cydia already support iOS 8.4. Online document available at this link.

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