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A hacker has launched OS X on Apple Watch [video]

iOS 9 in your pocket, OS X on the wrist. That’s a combination!

Smart watch Apple Watch is still the subject of experimentation among the hackers and developers. The latest achievement belongs to the “Creator of tweaks and informal applications for iOS”, as he calls himself. Merit Billy Ellis is that he was able to run OS X on the small screen of a smart watch.

15. the experimenter started the clock the desktop OS X Yosemite, which was released in 2013. Accompanying video on YouTube demonstrates the process for downloading from the main OS. After the boot screen with the Apple logo appears classic desktop computers with Apple dock-panel and five icons – no longer fit. Alice opened Finder, noting that “it’s very difficult due to the small display”.

Last year Billy Alice launched on Apple Watch iOS 4.2.1. The software platform released back in 2010, replaced by smart watches specialized software watchOS.

Alice wasn’t the only one experimenting with the Apple Watch. In June last year, the developer Nick Lee was able with the help of emulator to run on the clock Macintosh OS 19-year-old, and Hamza the Court added in the smart watch dial third party. At the moment for modifications developers use watchOS 2.2 undergoing beta testing. The final version of the OS comes out in March, along with iOS 9.3.

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