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A good day for Apple shares

The price of Apple shares reached a historic high.

Rumors and plums about the new iPhone and 8 are published almost every day and raising the interest of not only users but also investors. This Tuesday the value of Apple stock close to 160$ a piece. During the day, the exchange rate fluctuated from 158.15$ 161.83$. The previous record, Apple has $ 157.14$.

Since the beginning of this year, Apple shares have shown steady growth, but reached heights after the report for the third quarter, in which financial performance exceeded the expectations of economists. The company provided investors with information about the plans for the next quarter, which also contributed to the success in the stock market. Apple expected revenue from 49 to 52 billion dollars, two billion dollars more than the similar indicator of the previous year. Such positive forecasts have become possible thanks to the launch of the iPhone 8 this fall.

Apple shares began the year at the$ 116 per share and since then steadily growing, so long as investors have no reasons of concern.

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