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A global sell-off in bachelor’s Day: the iPhone and iPad with 50% discount

Wednesday, 11 November, the largest online trading platform of China staged a large-scale sales. According to analysts, the volume of sales in AliExpress,, TradeEase, TinyDeal and LightInTheBox that day will increase in 20 times.

On the website AliExpress discounts on Apple equipment reaching 54%. In the catalog online store all models of existing iPhones and iPads with tangible benefits. So, the iPhone 5s in black is available for only 19 910 rubles. The gold model will cost 21 669 rubles, and silver – 21 669 rubles. Discounts on the iPhone 4s reach 25%. Variant with 8 GB of memory can be purchased for 8 423 rubles, version with 64 GB is on sale for 10 981 rouble.

There are cases when discounts are provided to the recovered model. But this can be find out only by going to the page gadget. For example, one of the vendors sells the iPhone 6 with a discount of 36%. However, over 33 000 roubles you will not buy the new iPhone 6, and “as new”. If this option does not suit you, you will have to pay the usual 48 000. Discounts on tablets Apple reach 40%. So, iPad Air 2 with 16 GB is available for 37 500 rubles, while the price in the Russian online Apple store price is 41 000 rubles.


Discounts on the Day of the bachelor apply to different categories of products: smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, smart watches, gaming gadgets and also clothing, shoes, jewelry, various accessories, home goods and even cars. However, when ordering you should always check the price and select the option “top rated” and “Only individually”. The first will help you to deal with trusted sellers, the second will eliminate offers from wholesalers and will reduce the time of search and selection of goods.

You can save on shipping, if in search to type “free shipping”. Also it is recommended to install the mobile app – Aliexpress makes an additional discount to those who did.

Last year, on 11 November, Russian users spend per order in Chinese online stores are on average 30-40 % more than on other days. The average purchase price amounted to 831 rouble.

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