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A former Apple fan explains why he “hated” company

Political commentator Kevin Drum over ten years was a loyal Apple fan. Nonetheless, obsessed with total control nature “Apple” of the company eventually began to irritate columnist until he finally got rid of the iPhone and iPad. Its story of Dramas published on the website Mother Jones.

“Hatred” of a journalist for Apple was bolstered by the news that the company plans to block ads in Safari, although in the past it did not allow users to install any advertising blockers. Even more Dram unhappy that Apple allowed to block ads in Safari, but not allowed to disable ads in apps.

“Apple claims that will not allow you to block ads in apps, because the advertising inside the app performance in the browser. But that is precisely what you need the Apple. It takes 30% of revenue generated in the applications and offers its own advertising service. Moreover, iOS 9 will include application Apple News, which will aggregate articles from major publishers. Apple will receive a portion of advertising revenue in these articles,” he explained.

“the conclusion is very simple: Apple wants to give users more control over their devices when it is beneficial to the company. Otherwise you get nothing, writes Dramas. – This is why I hate Apple. It is clear that all companies operate in their own interests, but Apple brings it to the point of absurdity. You can think what you want about Microsoft, but they never treated their customers. If I buy a Windows device, I can do with it what you want.”

According to drama, the majority of the Apple fans do not think of such things and are happy to live within the “fenced garden”. However, his view on this issue shows that some users want more – to have more freedom and opportunities to personalize their gadgets. It is because of this army of Android users probably will never decrease, despite the serious shortcomings of the platform.

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