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A former Apple employee told about the worst moments in the work with Steve jobs

Steve jobs was a visionary, he literally shaped the future of our world. The founder of Apple is considered to be a driving force in the revolution of personal computers, he and his company re-invented the smartphone to PC transfer from our tables in the pockets. Like many other successful businessmen, jobs was a genius. And with him, as with many other geniuses, it was unbearably hard to work with.

The history of the former Apple employee shows us the worst side of working with the iconic founder of Apple company.

We have already written about what it was like working with Steve jobs. He demanded from colleagues almost equal effort, as from himself, and always made the tough decisions. Jobs didn’t hesitate to yell at employees, make them reprimands, and their memories, often harsh in his judgments. Fresh revelations by ex-Apple employees suggest that the inventor of the iPhone was even tougher than we could have imagined.

A former Apple employee, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that he worked with Steve jobs up until his untimely death. During this time he faced one of the worst things about working with him. In a nutshell: there was absolutely no balance between work and personal life.

Here is a verbatim excerpt:

“We regularly met with Steve jobs. This happened every two weeks on Mondays. Thus, every second week I was absent for the weekend. Regardless of what happens in the company – came up whether the end date of the project, or we just collected ideas for the future. We constantly have to work all weekend every two weeks… And then you meet him, and he mixes all your ideas with the dirt. One or two he might like, and then, as a rule, he asked them to finish. And the next week you work on these ideas, plus working on new. And so for the whole year”.

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One can only imagine the level of stress, which was accompanied by a schedule. An anonymous employee worked in very important for a company team of human-computer interaction, and for such demanding work do not everyone.

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