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A film about Pavel Durov decided not to remove

The producers have postponed indefinitely the adaptation of the novel “Durov Code” about the founder of the largest Russian social network “Vkontakte”. The premiere was to be held in 2014. Market experts attribute this to the policy and the crisis.

Production company Non-stop production” Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergey Melkumov returned to the state film Fund of 25 million rubles allocated for the adaptation of the book Nikolai Kononov “Durov Code”. This information “Kommersant” confirmed the producer and the representative of the Fund.

During the presentation of the project, the producers said on estimated budget of 100 million rubles and the expected box office revenue of 250 million rubles. The main character was supposed to be “young and beautiful woman”, which ordered a study on “Vkontakte”, which moves the collection of dirt. The main role was supposed to trust a little-known actors, but the film was supposed to be Fedor Bondarchuk. He said that no longer works on “the Durov Code”.

However, the film is not cancelled, emphasizes Rodnyansky. According to him, the production will start later this year on own producers. “As far as I know, we are working on the script,” said the author of the book Nikolai Kononov.

The postponement is not surprising, says the owner of the production company “the Profit” Igor Tolstunov. “We got the money back on the two projects, the crisis has confused all the cards. Projects now require serious processing to match the economic situation,” he explains.

Perhaps a refund and the postponement of filming there and the political moment that is associated with the departure of the founder of “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov from Russia, analysts say.

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About plans to make a “Durov Code” was announced shortly after the success of a Hollywood movie on a similar theme — about the social network Facebook. In the fall of 2010 in rolling out the film by David Fincher “the Social network”, the script for which was written in the book of Ben Mezrich. World box-office tape exceeded $220 million with a budget of $50 million, in Russia, the film has collected about $4.5 million.

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