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A fan of Mac has launched a Portal on the 1-megahertz Apple II [video]

Blogger Vince weaver, known online under the nickname deater78, has developed a version of Portal for the ancient Apple IIe. The result of it showed on his YouTube channel.

The Apple IIe, which this month celebrates its 30th anniversary, has almost the same capacity as the Apple I – a 65C02 CPU with a clock frequency of 1 MHz and 128 KB of RAM. It is capable of reproducing color graphics, sounds, and has a built-in BASIC programming language. Of course power one of the first Apple computers was not enough to reproduce the original project.

In a special version of Portal for the Apple II only two levels, the first and the last and final credits. For them, the enthusiast redid the song Jonathan Coulton “Still Alive”, which sounds at the end of the original game.

The game Portal was released in 2007 and received critical acclaim. Portal Eurogamer put it in the first place in the list of best games of the year. Version games for Apple II with two levels and the basic mechanics of the project are available for download on the website of the weaver.

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