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A fan of Android called 10 iOS features that Apple borrowed from Google

It is known that Google’s new Android platform M has copied a number of features of the iOS operating system. Among the obvious borrowings – approach to work with the permissions of the applications, the technology of direct transfer files in style AirDrop, Apple pay, Android Pay. But Apple also doesn’t hesitate to take the good features from Android, says Ain. Time-tested features of the platform are reflected in the operating system for smartphones and tablets Apple.

Journalist and fan of the Android operating system Lisa Dicicco listed 10 features that Apple borrowed from the mobile platform Google over the last year.

1. Multi-window multitasking on the iPad

With iOS 9, which will debut this fall, users will be able to share the screen of your iPad in two parts and thus to view two apps simultaneously. At the same time, and LG, and Samsung has long offered a similar feature on their smartphones and tablets. On some devices these companies you can also choose the size of each window applications running at the same time.

2. Siri is becoming more like Google Now

One of the most significant improvements in iOS 9 – more contextual version of Siri. Now before you suggest something, the voice assistant will be able to “consult” with installed applications. This is something that has for some time engaged in virtual assistant Google Now, learning habits and making suggestions based on the preferences of the owner.

3. In Apple maps will be public transport routes in Google Maps

Cupertino significantly improve your cards with iOS 9, and add the possibility to navigate using public transport. In certain large cities the map service will be able to suggest itineraries using all available public transport modes. Google maps has long been able to do so.

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4. Picture-in-picture

Along with iOS 9 will debut one more function – mode “picture in picture”. So the user will be able to reduce video or call for FaceTime and move it into the bottom corner of the screen, and simultaneously do other things like checking email or reading tape on Facebook. LG has offered a similar feature for Android back in 2013.

5. Recommendation system applications

iOS 9 will try to adapt to the habits and tastes of the owner of the device. For example, if you are on your way to work listening to music, then with high probability the iPhone itself will include player or radio in the morning as soon as you plug in the headphones. Android already has a similar feature called Aviate, offering applications and information, in its view, useful for the owner at a particular point in time. And the Android flagship One M9 is able to identify useful applications, depending on location.

6. Apple Pay will be able to store loyalty cards that Google Wallet could always

Credit cards and loyalty cards stores can now be stored without the help of Passbook. However, from its inception, this was Google wallet.

7. iPhone 6 is the first smartphone with NFC chip and Android smartphones it is long overdue

The presence of the NFC chip allows you to use your smartphone to make a payment using a Bank card. This feature in Android smartphones for years, although mobile payments have gained popularity only recently. For example, support for NFC was even on the Samsung Galaxy S3, released in 2012.

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8. In iOS appeared widgets that have been on Android since 2009

Interactive apps on Android and iOS are slightly different. iOS widgets are in the notification Center and Android’s widgets can be placed anywhere on the home screen, mastalirova to desired size.

9. Apple added the ability to call up Siri without touching your smartphone. Just as in Motorola Moto X

Together with iOS 8, users of mobile devices from Apple had the opportunity to call voice assistant by saying “Hey, Siri” instead of pinching the “Home” button. But the Moto X from Motorola with Google Now was similar and more advanced version of this function in 2013.

10. Use a third-party keyboard on Android, it was possible long before this was possible on iOS

Since the launch of iOS 8, the owners of “Apple” devices had the opportunity to use alternative keyboards like Swype or Swift Key. Android users could do such much earlier.

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