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A controversial new design case for Apple iPhone explained by competitors ‘ patents

Many of us have been perplexed by recent design decisions by Apple. What is new case with battery for iPhone 6s with very specific design. Observers of The Verge put forward the theory that help explain the design features Smart Battery Case: Apple engineers were to avoid a lawsuit from the company Mophie is the leader in the market of cases-batteries.

Mophie has a large portfolio of patents covering various aspects of designing covers with batteries, including features of their appearance, non-functional and decorative elements. One of the patents the manufacturer describes the case of a rounded back panel, resembling in appearance the first iPhone. Others contain a description of the different approaches to the development of accessories, consisting of several parts. Among them are models with a removable bottom. When you create a corporate case before, Apple was the primary task is to bypass all the achievements of a competitor and not to run into a billion-dollar lawsuit.

The market of iPhone cases is no shortage of models of accessories, but most manufacturers are too small to attract them to a patent infringement suit. Apple because of its tremendous condition, would make an excellent target for Mophie.

One design feature of the Smart Battery Case may have played in favor of Apple. Unlike solutions Mophie, visually increasing the thickness of the gadget, case for iPhone 6s retains elegant features of the smartphone. And, of course, discussing the design of the device, do not forget that Apple remains true to itself, having worked as accessory to the smallest detail. That only is the battery cover on the lock screen and in notification Center.

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By the way, Apple is not the first to use such a design in their devices. At the time HTC used a similar reception in the smartphone Incredible 2 with a convex cover for the battery.

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