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A clone of the iPhone 8 in a metal housing and the Touch ID scanner on the back panel became a hit in China

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 will be presented only in September, resourceful businessmen in China have managed to manufacture clones of the anniversary of the flagship. For was based on preliminary information about the products, and also schematic drawings that flowed from the factories of Apple’s suppliers.

Presented at the photos the device is trying to be like the iPhone 8. It is not clad in glass and metal case with a distinctive design plastic inserts, the envelope of the casing along the top and bottom faces. In place dual camera with vertically arranged modules. The first thing that gives a fake – fingerprint scanner, which is emblazoned on the back. The original iPhone 8, as is commonly believed, Touch ID integrated into the display.

Case iPhone clones made in the unibody-design and appearance resembles a machine, which we could see on the numerous rendering. The phone display is not the entire front panel – top and bottom of the visible insert in the manner of LG G6. This iPhone 8 the display will occupy almost the entire front side.

Information about the technical characteristics of the clone of the iPhone 8, sorry, no. The resolution of the camera was also not specified.

Although in the pictures we can’t see the screen, it is stated that we are talking about full-fledged smartphone, but running Android. Software shell, stylized iOS 10.

According to local media reports, “eight” Chinese spill enjoys the rush.

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