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A bug in iOS 10 beta 2 disables user accounts

A glitch in a software update iOS 10 beta 2 leads to blocking of accounts Apple ID. The problem users complained of news forum Reddit. Technical support Apple, reportedly, could not solve the problem.

About the crashing in iOS 10 said the iPhone and iPad users who have an active two-factor authentication. On the device a message appears: “This account’s Apple ID locked, for security reasons. To unlock you need to confirm your identity”. When you try to reset the password, you receive the error: “Your password cannot be reset because of a server error, please try later”.

Apple introduced an algorithm to automatically lock the Apple ID to ensure security in that case, if the user or someone else enters an incorrect password, answers to security questions or other account information too many times. After that, the user will lose access to Apple services. According to the user under the name AppleBetas22h devices with the second beta version of iOS 10 this is due to the failure of the software.

Users who plan to update to iOS 10 beta, it is recommended to disable two-factor authentication before the problem will be solved. To do this, log in to your account here, click “edit” under “Security”, then “turn Off two-factor authentication”. After creating the new security questions and proof of date of birth two-factor authentication will be disabled.

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