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A bug in iOS 10 allows you to set magic Wallpaper for iPhone

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in black color probably remember magic the Wallpaper, which completely changed the items on the desktop iOS. Due to the bug in iOS developer by the nickname @heyeased managed to completely hide from the screen dock with four icons, and even activate dark theme by installing a special Wallpaper. Later he created several background images for desktop iPhone with optical illusion. With each update Apple has shut down these errors, so in iOS 10.2 and newer OS versions these tricks no longer work.

The good news is that @heyeased does not leave attempts to diversify the iOS interface. Recently in his Twitter account, he published a new collection of backgrounds that adds on home screen, iPhone unusual special effects.

In recent years Apple has introduced many different functions in iOS. It’s hard to argue with the fact that now the platform is much more customizable than two or three years ago. However, in terms of customization iOS is still far from Android, which allows to modify almost any aspect of the OS. In Google Play you can find hundreds of launchers and a variety of themes. IPhone without jailbreak is an unattainable luxury.

In his last set “Wallpaper dreams” @heyeased uses fractal filter to display patterns creating the effect of sparks and ripple when you tilt the iPhone. All you need to do is install one of the following images to your desktop, making sure that the function “Perspective” is active. You can then admire the result.

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