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“A bit boring”: the quotes from the first reviews of the Galaxy Note 8

The impressions of journalists, examples of snapshots and a lot of photos of the main Android phablet of the year.

Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 officially debuted to steal the show from iPhone 8 (and 7s Plus), and to make excuses for last year’s failure, Note 7. Insights thought leaders and tehnopress extremely important for the Korean company. Even critical. So what do you think about the smartphone?

One sentence of Note 8

New not so much:

Yes, in fact it is reinforced S8+ with a stylus (The Next Web).

The most accurate adjective for the device — “careful”:

Every year since it started [line Note] it seemed that Samsung is superior to yourself over and over again, but now we have not lost the gift of speech (Phone Arena).

It is sad that the attempt to create a smartphone that does not light up suddenly, and forced Samsung to release a smartphone without a spark at all (Digital Trends).

Like the designers thought: “Caution! Let’s not tempt fate” (Digital Trends).

Design and ergonomics

If the S8 owners complained about the unfortunate location of the scanner of prints — from Note 8 is still worse. This Galaxy more and to reach for the camera uncomfortable.

The good news: the heart rate monitor was sandwiched between the camera module and the fingerprint sensor, so the dirty lens slightly less comfortable (GSM Arena comparison Note and S8).

Fingers crossed that the scanners under the logo of “spy” photos of the new iPhone turned out to be fake.

The most successful color scheme — black:

With other colors [window sensors and a camera] is very striking, the choice is not the most stylish (GSM Arena).


Journalists have not had time to evaluate the dual module. Android Police noted that the front on the main Note 8 shifts quickly.

Official samples

Pictures on Galaxy Note 8

Pictures on Galaxy Note 8

Pictures on Galaxy Note 8

Dual-camera, of course — a nice update for those who wanted a telephoto lens, but the phone will appreciate in a lot of money, and it’s hard to come up with reasons to pay that amount, when almost identical to the S8+ are selling right and left. But soon a iPhone.

Samsung put herself in an awkward position: years flagships Note was so different that to ignore the latest was difficult. And if the S-series and Note are so similar, why release them six months apart? (Android Police)

And really?

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