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_PRISM: spherical space

Many of you really needed geometry? All of these theorem, sine, cosine and cotangent. If you are not an engineer or a Builder, it is unlikely that school knowledge has remained hardly gained, but marginally useful spot. However, there is little chance to justify the long hours of rote textbook game with a slightly redundant name _PRISM. No axioms here will not come, but spatial thinking is grafted on mathematical lessons here will definitely come in handy.

In the middle of nothing – literally, nothing! – spinning figure: say, a triangle. Soft holographic pointer that erupted nearby, suggests: pull. You pull and the triangle falls apart on many facets. Some for a couple of seconds lights up with white color – go there, it’s interesting. On each face will eventually appear a few dots and circles, to which these points should be put. A circle with a radius drawn in the middle here, long strip, marked with three dots, here and there, but this ellipse let it be here.

Because _PRISM in its genre puzzle set geometric shapes is not so easy: all mixed in a heap. You have to disassemble a bunch of these triangles, circles and squares to understand what and where to sculpt. But, even having decided a couple of brainteasers, do not hurry to rejoice – “razrulil” all the faces, you will offer to pull a holographic slider… and the figure will again fall apart into many pieces.

So, in General, and a local drama – you are screwing up the sphere into many faces, until a figure is not degraded completely, exposing the center of important, apparently, stone. He is grabbed and transported to the next area. The case is somewhat complicated by the fact that all takes place, apparently, in space: levels, over which you work, symbolize the planet and collected the stones somehow affect the local Sun.

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Of course, _PRISM, like any interplanetary game that appeals to this cold meditativeness: behind the scenes plays a kind of futurism, are all very smooth, quiet and even dreary – in space no place to action. It turns out a bit sleepily, but stylish: not only complex but beautiful puzzle game; a rare combination.

The passage _PRISM you are unlikely to take a long time, so cherish every minute spent in the game is this short, but stylish and rich quest will leave your phone just as quickly as it had come. However, if they come for _PRISM asked 229 rubles, and you will understand, if you leave your Bank card intact. During a two-hour collection of tasks in the cosmic scenery that is a lot; makes sense to wait for discounts.

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