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9 useful Siri commands to control Apple Music

Voice assistant Siri, allows you to control features iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, in the beginning of the year received the support of the Russian language. With the launch of the Apple Music technology, new opportunities: now you can use voice commands to control a streaming service of Apple.

Siri allows you to “command” your iPhone using natural phrases like “call mom”, “start Twitter”, “set the sat NAV home”, “Wake me up at 6.30 in the morning”, “Play music”, etc. Despite the huge potential of the technology, users use it very rarely. All that is asked of assistant to the owners of iOS-devices, is to dial the phone or check the weather. MacDigger offers a list of commands for streaming Apple Music who understands and is able to run Siri.

1. “Turn the music up”, “shake up the music, Turn the music off”.

2. “Play the best songs of 1989”.

3. “Play something similar”.

4. “After that play Bob Dylan”.

5. “Skip”.

6. To call any of the tracks at the time of presentation and to say “Yes” to the question “to Clear the list?”.

7. “Who sings”.

8. “Add this song in my library”.

9. “Like”.

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