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9 things you need to do before installing iOS 9

Today, 16 September, will release iOS 9. From visible changes we are waiting for a redesigned multitasking feature, multi-window mode, power saving function, a new font “San Francisco”. The update will be available for smartphones, starting with iPhone 4s and all iPads except for the first version. Also update your gadgets will be the owners of iPod touch fifth and sixth generations.

Many users can’t wait to install iOS 9. We recommend you to get useful tips to transition to a new “OSes”.

To prepare iOS device

The first step is to make sure that your device is ready for a serious upgrade. Check if there is an iCloud or iTunes backup of your data. In the event of a system failure, you can revert to the old settings.

Update apps

Look in the App Store and update your app to the latest version. This simple action will help you avoid potential problems and conflicts when you install iOS 9.

To make a backup of the Apple Watch

If you are the owner of Apple Watch, you are also advised to save the data on the clock. Read more about the preparation of the gadget to switch to iOS 9 can be found here.

To learn new functions

Before you install the update on your device, you can explore innovations iOS 9. This will help you decide whether to move to a new system. Not be amiss to note that not all features of iOS 9 is available on supported devices. For example, the functions of the split screen and “picture in picture” is only available on the latest iPad models.

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In the list of compatible devices it is possible to notice the outdated iPhone 4s or iPad mini. Some users are afraid to upgrade your gadgets on iOS 9 because of possible performance issues. If you are the owner of one of these devices, then you should not worry about this. One of the challenges being addressed in iOS 9 – bug fixes and performance improvements are not the latest models.

To know about jailbreak iOS 9

If you can’t imagine life without jailbreaking, you should hold off on the update. In iOS 9 closed all software vulnerabilities, so the existing jailbreak tools impossible. Now hackers working on the jailbreak iOS 9.

Remember Apple ID password

The next tip may seem not too smart, but he’s extremely useful. Make sure you remember the password and login from your Apple ID. Without this you will not be able to use the device after upgrading to iOS 9.

Update iTunes

Update your iTunes to the latest version. In order to sync data with the iPhone and iPad on iOS 9, you will need the latest version of media player. At the time of writing this post version 12.2.2.

Charge your device

If you are sickened by the thought of the update using iTunes, make sure that your iOS device is charged at least to 50%. It is necessary to install the system, the OS will refuse to update when the battery is low.


If you are in the morning do not find a place in anticipation of the update, you should know that the release will be released only in the evening. It is planned that the upgrade will be available for download on September 16 at 20.00 Moscow time. However, judging by previous releases, you can count on a slightly earlier release of firmware.

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We hope these simple recommendations will help you as comfortable as possible to go to iOS 9.

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