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9 the share of iOS among the compatible devices Apple is stuck at around 77%

Apple has published on its website statistics on the prevalence of mobile operating system iOS. So, as of February 24, this year 77% of Apple mobile devices, once online visiting the App store were installed with iOS 9. Whereas 17% of smartphones and tablets there are on the eighth version of iOS, and the remaining six on all other platforms, released to iOS 8. Thus, the share of the latest operating system of Apple for the first time has not changed compared to the previous two-week period.

It is worth Recalling that the release of iOS 9 was held on September 19 and 21 the number of months of autumn, Apple reported more than 50% of active Apple devices, successfully operating on the latest version of “axis”. By 19 October, this indicator was equal to 61%. In Cupertino said that “nine” has set a record for speed before you switch users.

The propagation speed of iOS 9 really exceeded that of iOS 8. So, “eight” only four months after its release scored 68% of users. iOS 9 almost immediately reached that target. By the way, something similar was observed in iOS 7, which after its debut in 2013 for the four months was set at 79%.

If we look at similar stats in Android, all was not so well as a competitor. Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the beginning of the month barely broke the 1% barrier by popularity. In this sixth version of the operating system Google officially became available October 5, 2015.

Here Google itself is partly to blame, as the latest version of Android-smartphones are updated so far. Apple, by contrast, releases their OS for all devices at once. However, judging by fresh statistics, the rate of adaptation of iOS 9 has started to slow down: five months on the new OS have moved everyone who wanted to do it.

Note that in January Apple began testing iOS update 9.3, which includes a number of innovations, among which was a “night mode” Night Shift, which changes the colour temperature of your screen depending on time of day, the Apple School, the ability to bind to an iPhone a few smart watches Apple Watch and several others. Perhaps the release of a major update will increase the adoption rate of iOS 9.

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