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9.7 inch iPad Pro was named the best tablet in the history

Releasing last year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple impressed everyone with the size of the biggest in the history of iOS devices. But many people do not need such a big display and they are not ready for high performance, as well as Apple Pencil and connect through a smart connector covers-keyboard to accept the dimensions of the device. For them, and all who wish to purchase the most powerful i-gadget in the traditional form factor, this spring Apple released the iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of 9.7 inches. The reviewers of resource Rbc, tested compact modification of “Proshka”, called the device “the best tablet in history.”

According to the journalists, they first see the device to which it is almost impossible to find fault. This is the same processor Apple A9X that a 12-inch iPad Pro, which “tears apart any app in the App Store, native keyboard support via Smart Connector and digital pen Apple Pencil. The same four speakers, loud and clear, and the sound quality of both “Proshka” is unequivocally the best tablets to date. And design with the dimensions of the iPad Air 2.

Special delight caused the display iPad Pro with support of True Tone, which thanks to a special sensor analyzes the ambient lighting in real time and, based on these data, changes the color temperature of the image.

“The iPad screen is 9.7 Pro, perhaps better, than in General all Apple products. At first glance, the display here is the same as the iPad Pro, which in itself is good news. Works wonders feature is True Tone: iPad is able to adjust the color temperature of the image depending on the lighting. Imagine a sheet of paper if you look at it under the dim light color will be warmer and under the bright sunshine — more natural. Works just as well and the display of the new iPad Pro that produces an incredible effect. Turn off the function of True Tone, you’ll be surprised how actually “Shinichi” the screen of any device in the neighborhood. So many years we looked at the displays on iPhone and iPad, not noticing the trick. iPad Pro 9.7 has opened our eyes”.

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Claims were only to the keyboard device. She is not in contact with the table surface, and literally hangs in the air, so to print just uncomfortable. Secondly, to adjust the angle of the tablet can not. In addition, it is “friendly” with many shortcuts straight from OS X, but for some reason to switch languages then assigned to a separate button, that’s quite uncomfortable, explained in the publication.

Minus the keyboard and price, to 9.7-dyimom iPad Pro simply without reproach, the authors of the material.

“Freakishly fast. With the best ecosystem of applications, from mobile farms and games straight from the PC to professional applications like AutoCAD. With display technology True Tone, which simply has this year to be in all Apple devices — otherwise I will not forgive. Most importantly, Pro 9.7 is much more convenient big Pro. It is easier to carry, it is lighter, more beautiful and suitable for operation even better than the 12-inch brother”.

According to the resource, the iPad Pro is not yet ready to replace the laptop, “what would there not talking to Apple”. “Nevertheless, iPad Pro 9.7 is the best tablet you can buy. Albeit for not very small money,” they concluded.

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