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9.2.1 iOS is faster than iOS 8 on the iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s [video]

In the Network appeared videosevennine iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 8.4.1, the purpose of which was to study the optimization of the operation of the OS. Operating system tested on older iPhone models.

Testing was sufficiently detailed, great iAppleBytes made a few measurements, including the download speed, application launch, performance in Geekbench and data transmission on Wi-Fi. First, the blogger appreciated the download speed. By placing the two next iPhone, he also included the device and measure the result. Summary: iOS 8.4.1 load faster on the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 but on iPhone 5s iOS leads 9.2.1.

In the second experiment, we tested the responsiveness of applications. Enthusiast using a Weather, App Store, iTunes, Maps and some others. This test clearly demonstrated the superiority of iOS over iOS 9.2.1 8.4.1. In most cases, smartphones on the fresh OS open programs faster than the old one. On iPhone 4s the difference immediately catches the eye.

In Apple claim that the ninth generation OS was created with the expectation of optimization, and, apparently, after four months of development, the company managed to achieve its goals.

9.2.1 iOS vs iOS 8.4.1: iPhone 4s

9.2.1 iOS vs iOS 8.4.1: iPhone 5

9.2.1 iOS vs iOS 8.4.1: iPhone 5s

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