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9.2.1 iOS called fastest version of iOS 9 [video]

On Tuesday, Apple released an official upgrade iPhone, iPad and iPod to iOS 9.2.1. Prior to the public release developers and users have tested two beta versions of the OS. How much can iOS 9.2.1 performance compared to the previous release?

To answer this question decided great iAppleBytes. Thanks to its new video we have the opportunity to compare the speed of iOS iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1. Testing was conducted on four smartphones – iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. As you can see, the updated OS works faster: performance has improved, and the speed of launching applications is increased.

“iOS 9.2.1 is much faster than 9.2 iOS on all devices. Most of the progress is noticeable on a 32-bit iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, although better for newer models, said iAppleBytes. – All the phones have started to load faster, start faster and application, especially for iPhone 4s”. Great called iOS 9.2.1 the fastest version of iOS 9 and recommended to everyone who is waiting for the jailbreak to install the update.

The release of iOS 9.2.1 was held on Tuesday evening. This is a maintenance release, aimed at elimination of failures, including a bug that could prevent completing the installation of the application when using an MDM server. 9.2.1 iOS also focuses on improving productivity and other improvements major release.

iOS vs 9.2 9.2.1 iOS: iPhone 4s

iOS vs 9.2 9.2.1 iOS: iPhone 5

iOS vs 9.2 9.2.1 iOS: iPhone 5s

iOS vs 9.2 9.2.1 iOS: iPhone 6

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Next will come much more major iOS update 9.3, which is already being tested by developers and users of iPhone and iPad. Read more about all changes in this update can be found here.

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