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9.1 iOS 6.0 vs Android: the battle of the emoticons

Head of Android at Google Hiroshi Lockheimer in his Twitter hinted at the imminent launch of the update for “standard” devices of the family Nexus. It will make some changes in the set of the Emoji characters, which is part of Unicode 8.0, which is used by Apple in iOS 9.1.

In particular, it became known that the Android 6.0 will be an updated keyboard with Emoji previously unavailable. Among the new emojis: web, Scorpion, Turkey, chili, tacos, protein, burrito, lilac unicorn with a dragon. Also like the iPhone keyboard, in Android you can find the icon for the middle finger Emoji and a new “mysterious eyes”, created in the framework of the project I Am A Witness. The last icon that looks like the eyes and at the same time as the cloud of the dialogue created for the witnesses of humiliation and rudeness and not willing to remain silent in the face of injustice.

Interestingly, the same icons in Android and iOS 6.0 9.1 not identical to each other. Although in General images are the same, the icons are the same Emoji can differ widely, different not only icons, but also colors and shades.

Currently Android is still used by the Unicode standard 6.0, whereas in iOS 8.0 9.1 Unicode is used. Apparently, Google decided to skip Unicode 7.0 and instantly switched to the eighth version.

Will there be for any famous gay emoticons Apple, is unknown. In September it was reported that the company threatened to suspend activity on the territory of Russia or a fine of 1 million rubles for promoting homosexuality. Ministry of internal Affairs in the Kirov region filed an administrative case for Apple emojis, according to law enforcement, violate the legislation of the Russian Federation. Prior to that, Apple has received complaints for alleged presence of LGBT propaganda, but still prior to the institution of criminal or administrative cases is not reached.

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