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86% of all Apple mobile devices running iOS 8

Recently it became known, the share of Android Lollipop almost a year after the announcement is only 18.1%. The extra time to explain what caused it, makes no sense. Differentiation of Google is both its advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

The Apple approach to this issue is completely different, which is not surprising, given the presence in the portfolio of the company smartphones only 1-2 per year. As it became known, the market share of the new iOS 8 on the market “Apple” devices has reached 86%. Another 13% are on iOS 7. Even older versions of the mobile operating system from Apple have become exotic. They are installed on only 1% of smartphones and tablets.

86% – an impressive result, especially given the fact that immediately after the release, users slowly switched to “eight” because of the various software problems. In addition, in September in the light should go out iOS 9, so it is possible that some users of iOS 7 decided to skip iOS 8 to go directly to a later version.

Statistics iOS 8 adoption can be compared with results a year ago. For example, in may 2014, the share of iOS 7 was 90% for smartphones and 85% for tablets. This means that this year, users are less actively passed to a new version of the system.

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